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Serana Europe GmbH

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Serana Europe GmbH is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cell culture products. Our product range includes animal & human sera, sterile liquid & powdered classical media, reagents, supplements, and buffer solutions for cell culture applications. Serana’s products are used in all areas where cell culture is performed. This includes the biopharmaceutical industry for the production of vaccines, therapeutic proteins and diagnostics. In addition, we are a major supplier to Academic R&D institutes (universities, hospitals & clinics), private research organizations and various biotech companies.

Cell culture is a wide biotechnological field with a  broad range of applications. A number of key cell lines are used in industrial biopharmaceutical manufacturing, research, and diagnostics. In order to boost the performance of your specific processes, our experts are available to help you to optimize, formulate and manufacture custom products based on your specific needs.

Our quality assurance team guarantees exceptional quality manufacturing standards which follows relevant guidelines and regulatory requirements.We are EDQM, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified, and our team is dedicated to continuously improve our quality management system. Our quality control department also offers a wide variety of relevant biological, molecular and biochemical assays as a service.

We have certified manufacturing facilities in Germany and Australia, which makes us an ideal global partner with validated storage and delivery logistics world-wide.

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